Ebony, one of the most beautiful woods in the world, particularly the black and white, it's one of the most expensive varieties but just one look and you know why! Walnut, a beautiful and strong wood.
Purpleheart, a wood that looks like its name, it develops a slight patina as it ages.. a very hard and durable wood. Mora, one of my favorite woods, it has a walnut tone but is more refined,  it's a wood with a lot of dignity, it's hard and durable. All our woods must have durability so the images they convey will last for decades.
Oak makes a strong presentation with its muscular grain. Cocobolo, one of the most striking woods in the Americas, frequently found in fine culinary tools.
All of our woods are coated with a food-safe finish
Terry demonstrates the history and use of the Corzetti stamp
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